We are pleased to announce selection results for "INTERNATIONAL STOP MOTION COMPETITION", "THE BORDERLANDS COMPETITION" and non-competitive programme "PANORAMA" that will be presented on 6th StopTrik International Film Festival in Maribor (Slovenia, Oct. 27th - 30th) and Łódź (Poland, Nov. 11th - 12th).

Congratulations to all Authors! Thank you for your will to share your works with StopTrik IFF Audience!



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StopTrik Audience Awards

We have received more than 200 entries! We are grateful and excited! Thank you for dedicating your time to StopTrik IFF! And now it's the time for the programmer to watch all the submissions and for StopTrik Audience to get ready for their jury duty in October! Good luck to all of us!

“International Stop Motion Competition” and “The Borderlands Competition” will take place in Maribor on 27. - 30. 10. 2016.

We are waiting for your submissions until 15/ 08/ 2016. The list of accepted films will be announced no later than 15/ 09/ 2016. Submission to 6. StopTrik IFF is free of charge.

Call for Entries

Maribor, 01. - 04. 10. 2015 / Vetrinjski dvor / kino Udarnik / GT22 / MKC Maribor

We are proud and happy to announce the winners and laureates of the fifth edition of StopTrik International Film Festival in Maribor!

Here they are:

Grand Prix Maribor: International Stop Motion Competition with the support of Mestna občina Maribor:
EDMOND, Nina Gantz (NFTS), 2015, UK, 9'25''

Edmond by Nina Gantz


Vetrinjski dvor, ul. Vetrinjska 30

Kino Udarnik, Grajski trg 1

Dvorana Gustaf (Pekarna), Ob železnici 8

Thursday, 1. 10. 2015
17:00 Panorama 1, 62' (Vetrinjski dvor)

19:00 Best of StopTrik 2011-2014, 70' (Vetrinjski dvor)

 20:30 Warm-up StopTrik (Vetrinjski dvor)

Friday, 2. 10. 2015

16:00 Panorama 2, 61' (Vetrinjski dvor)

18:00 O+P+R 1, 79' (Vetrinjski dvor)

20:00 Festival Opening (Vetrinjski dvor)

Find out about the films that will participate in 5th StopTrik IFF

International Stop Motion Competition, The Borderlands Competition and non-competitive new section Panorama!

full list of films find here

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“International Stop Motion Competition” and “The Borderlands Competition” will take place in following festival cities:

StopTrik IFF Maribor: 01. - 04. 10. 2015

StopTrik IFF Niepołomice: 23. - 25. 10. 2015

We are waiting for your submissions until 14/ 08/ 2015.

The list of accepted films will be announced no later than 15/ 09/ 2015.

We're waiting for your stop motion animation!

Two screenings of different StopTrik IFF 2014 selections will welcome the springtime in Kraków and open season for lazy afternoon coffees & newspapers in down-town cafes as well as evening walks along Vistula river. Cinephiles await festivities thanks to OffPlusCamera and our partner Krakow Film Festival, students count down the days until Students Yearly Carnival starts and all other locals already foresee young scholars exodus in June.

StopTrik Springtime in Krakow